• Holter ECG  BP Monitors
  • 1 ekg-holter-cardiomera
  • 2 24 hr Holter ECG

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Meditech Ltd.

The Flexibility and Innovation of a Small-Sized Enterprise

Meditech is an expert, supportive and capable supplier of quality and innovative PC-based 24 hour blood pressure devices and holter ecg monitors from the EU. The company combines the flexibility, cooperativity of small- and middle-sized enterprises with professionalism and customer-centered approach.

Meditech strengths

  • Expertise 

Meditech is specialised in manufacturing PC-based Holter ECG and ambulatory blood pressure monitors since 1990. International OEM partners, distributors, medical professionals, universities and pharmaceutical companies prove the reliability of Meditech ECG and 24-hour blood pressure monitors.

  • Out-of-Box Thinking

Meditech can satisfy specific customer needs as it combines the innovativity and flexibility of a middle-sized company.

  • Customer-Centered Approach

Meditech holter monitors and software solutions are developed with the User in mind. Therefore the company offers user-friendly devices and professional support.

  • Extended Warranty

Unlike competitors, who offer usually 1 year warranty, Meditech provides up to 3 years warranty for the main unit.

  • Quick Delivery

In most cases delivery requires 1 week only. Meditech guarranties speed and reliability of delivery.


Meditech Product-Line

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Multifunctional Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
  • ECG Monitors

Distributors wanted

Meditech is always looking for reliable distributors worldwide. If you want to extend your product-portfolio with reliable and accurate holter ecg monitors or holter blood pressure devices, feel free to contact us.