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CardioVisions Holter-EKG Software -  5in1 Package

Versatile Holter-EKG Analysis Functions both for Busy General Practitioners and  Researchers

All holter-ekg monitors are sold with individual software solutions, which display data in different ways, usually both in graphical and textual format. Most often, these software solutions are neither user-friendly, nor inexpensive.

CardioVisions analysis software is offered with Meditech CardioMera holter-ekg and includes 5 professional holter-ekg analysis functions for the cost of 1:

  • full beat-by-beat ekg distribution (annotation) with quick event detection
  • the possibility of manual alterations of the automatic holter-ekg analysis
  • complex time and frequency domain HRV analysis
  • pacemaker functions
  • QT analysis

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Holter-EKG Software Solution? 

Is the holter-ekg software suitable for satisfying your needs? A busy general practitioner has different needs than a clinical researcher.
CardioVisions holter-ekg software satisfies a broad range of demands as it is able to provide quick and automatic solutions for busy medical professionals and the possibility of reclassiflying, merging automatic ekg annotation groups and creating new ones, with detailed calculations and hourly profiles, which is essential for researchers.

Number of Users and PCs Involved
Many manufacturers provides 1 software installation for 1 PC and the use of the holter-ekg software on several PCs requires license.
CardioVisions analysis software, however, can be installed on several PCs at the same time, because the license is included into its purchasing cost. In this way there is no need to share 1 PC and several users can be involved in the ekg-holter analysis process.

Report Functions
For a holter-ekg software it is essential to be able to provide printed reports with the 'abstract' of the result of the ekg monitoring period.
CardioVisions holter-ekg software reports are available both in fully standardized and user-editable versions.

Meditech software solutionsWhy to Choose Meditech CardioVisions Holter-EKG Software?

CardioVisions knows everthing which is necessary for a modern holter-ekg analysis, included:

  • Extreme accuracy - excellent QRS detection

The QRS complex is the central part of the ECG and this QRS complex can be found in 99,92% of all cases.

  • excellent heart rate calculation
  • automatic ekg beat classification
  • automatic event detection
  • high quality rhythm classification
  • accurate ST analysis
  • time and frequency domain HRV analysis
  • QT module
  • pacemaker functions

The Windows-based CardioVisions holter-ekg software provides high quality beat-by-beat ekg analysis and reporting functions and it is suitable both for busy medical professionals and clinical researchers.