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CardioVisions Holter ECG Software Installation and First Start

Save Time with the Quick Guide

Save time by reading this quick guide about the installation and first start of the software. Before you start the holter ecg monitoring session, you should have CardioVisions software properly configured on your PC.

Holter ECG Software Installation & First Start

CardioVisions configuration consist of 2 phases: installation and first start.

In CardioVisions holter ecg software the default user is the Administrator and this account is created with the installation. The login name and password of the Administrator is both admin by default.

! During the installation process, the installation of the USB driver is strongly advised.

The Administratior cannot access neither holter ecg nor patient data, therefore a User must also be created during the first start in order to use CardioMera holter ecg monitor.


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Quick CardioVisions Holter ECG Software Installation Guide

CardioVisions Holter ecg software is available both in Personal and Network Edition. For the installation of the latter edition, please refer to the user guide or use the support form. To install CardioVisions Personal Edition:

a) Download the Holter ecg software either from meditech.eu or from the CD provided to your CradioMera or CardioBlue24 Holter ecg kit.

b) Select your language.

c) Read and accept the License Agreement.

d) Choose components to install: the installation of the USB driver is strongly advised.

e) Choose recorder types you want to use.

f) Select the target folder of the installation.

g) Choose Start menu folder for the usual shortcuts.

If you are ready, CardioVisions Holter ecg software will create an icon on your desktop. Click the icon to log in. At first you will be logged in as a System Administrator, whose default login name and password is both admin. The role of the System Administrator:

- adding new Users

- changing data access levels

The System Administrator cannot see medical data.

After the first start you will go through the following screens:

h) Welcome screen

i) System Administrator settings

Default login name and password (both are admin) can be changed here to avoid security problems, but it is also possible to leave the password empty.

j) Add a User

k) Modify the default report header

CardioVisions Holter ecg software installation and first start is easy and requires only 2 minutes. If you have questions, please contact us by using the support form.