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Would You Like to Expand Your Business with Quality EKG Holters?

Order from an Expert Manufacturer with Quick Delivery at Reasonable Price!

Improve your productivity and keep up with your competitors by investing in the latest technology. Sudden cardiac death is one of the major health problems worldwide, therefore the earliest possible recognition of cardiac abnormalities is essential. Holters provide information over and above conventional ekg devices, therefore they are increasingly being used in general practices as well.

Why to Choose Meditech EKG Holters?

EKG Holters and Software Solutions in 5in1 package
Meditech ekg holters and software solutions are available with excellent cost-benefit ratio. The software package contains 5 professional analysis functions, included beat-by-beat ekg classification, manual editing functions, time and frequency domain HRV, pacemaker functions and QT modile, for the cost of 1.

Long-Life Holter Monitors
Meditech holters provide durability and performance. Unlike many manufacturers who offer only 1 year warranty, Meditech ensures basically 2, but optionally 3 years warranty for the main unit.

Professional Support and Service
Meditech provides free remote or local installation and professional after sales support.

International Reference List
Meditech works with medical equipment resellers, OEM partners, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals worlwide. International reference list of holters is available on request.

Simple EKG Management
Meditech ekg holters provide accurate results and simple answers for medical professionals. There is no need to invest more money in difficult and unnecessary 'marketing-functions', which you can live without.

CardioMera EKG Holter

Meditech EKG Holters

Meditech 24-hour ekg product-line includes CardioMera and the Bluetooth-capable CardioBlue24. Both holters provide accurate results with CardioVisions quick and sophisticated ekg software solution. EKG can be recorded continuously on 1, 2, 3 or 5 channels up to 96 hours, which is excellent to detect cardiovascular irregularities without causing any unnecessray inconvenience for the patient.

Both holters have been designed with the User in mind, as they provide the convenience of automated settings and the possibility for the user to interfere. Besides fully automated ekg monitoring and evaluation options, the User can select the recording lenght, the number of channels, the storage quality (excellent diagnostic, standard holter and rhythm quality is available) and the size of the flash card.

CardioMera or CardioBlue24 holters with CardioVisions software are extremely economic ekg solutions due to the 5in1 software package, the freely replacable ekg patient cables and the standard memory card.

Distributors wanted!

Meditech is always looking for reliable distributors worldwide, who want to extend their product-line with PC-based ekg holters. The company offers quality devices at reasonable prices with professional support and international reference list.