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CardioMera EKG Holter with 5in1 EKG Software Package

Choose CardioMera High Quality EKG Holter from an EU-based Manufacturer

Did you know that 95% of the ekg abnormalities can be detected with 2 channels only? CardioMera is a traditional ekg holter which can be used with 1, 2, 3 and 5 channels. Recordings are analyzed by CardioVisions software, which includes 5 professional ekg analysis functions for the price of 1.

Why to Choose CardioMera Digital EKG Holter? CardioMera ECG Holter monitor

EKG Holter and Software – 5 for the price of 1
CardioMera is a small, light-weight, simple to use holter with excellent cost-benefit ratio. The ekg holter is sold with the software in 5in1 package, which includes beat-by-beat ekg annotation, accurate time and frequency domain HRV, QT calculation, pacemaker functions and the possibility of manual alterations in automated event detection.

Accurate Results
The higher the sampling rate is, the better the quality of the recording is. Unlike other competitor ekg holter devices the sampling rate of which are usually between 200-1000 Hz, the sampling rate of CardioMera can be up to 1200 Hz. Moreover, the QRS detection of CardioVisions ekg holter software is excellent: nearly 100% of recorded QRS is identified. The QRS is probably the most important complex in the ekg.

Time-saving Technology
Programming the ekg holter and analysing recorded ekg waveforms are easy, quick and convenient because the automated and time-saving technology.

No Risk of Corrupted Recordings
There is no need to repeat the ekg monitoring period anymore, as data storage on a memory card provides reliability and safety. Additionally, the 'offline programming' makes it possible to write the ekg monitoring plan directly to the flash card if the ekg monitor is currently being used. After the device is in the office again, the flash card can simply be put into the device to start a new examination. This feature saves time.

High Flexibility
Meditech designed CardioMera and developed CardioVisions ekg holter software with the User in mind. The user can freely adjust:

  • The recording lenght

Recording lenght can be set to 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours. A more than 96-hour recording is extremely inconvenient, and the results may not justify the 'costs'.

  • The number of channels

CardioMera ekg holter can be used with 1, 2, 3 and 5 channels. In most cases, the source of cardiovascular abnormalities can be detected with 2 channels. Most commonly 3 channels and 7 leads or patient cables are used for traditional holter ekg monitoring. Using more channels and leads may not justify the inconvenience caused.

  • The ekg storage quality

When programming the device, the user can select excellent diagnostic, traditional holter and rhythm quality, depending on the aim of the holter ekg monitoring.

  • The Size of the Memory Card

CardioMera works with a standard, freely selectable memory card, therefore the user is free to decide its size and type.

CardioMera and CardioVisions ekg holter software has been designed with busy general practitioners in mind. Save time with automatic profiles by creating and loading standard programming plans and by using default ekg reports with your favourite frames.

Holter EKG

Up to 3 Years Warranty
Most ekg holter manufacturers offer basicly 1 year warranty for the main unit. Inspite of this, Meditech provides basicly 2, optionally 3 years warranty for CardioMera ekg holter and 12 months of warranty for the accessories.

Manual Event Activation
Although, CardioMera records ekg continuously, the patient may have 'extra' symptoms. Whenever the patient feels something unusual event, he can use the manual event activation function.

Online Electrode Check
Check right electrode placement during programming CardioMera ekg holter by the online electrode check function.

Money-Saving Patient Cables
Patient cables are exposed to heavy use, therefore, despite the durable design, replacing an ekg cable may be necessary sometimes. Using CardioMera ekg holter is cost-effective in the long run, as it has no inbuilt patient cables, so each lead can be replaced one-by-one.

EKG Holter Kit Content

1 x ECG recorder unit; 1 x memory card; 1 x AAA alkaline battery; 1 x USB optointerface; 7 x patient ECG cable, 1 x package of disposable ECG electrodes, 1 x CD with the latest software (CardioVisions Personal Edition) and user documentation, 1 x quality certificate, packed in carton box.