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Traditional and Reliable ECG Monitor Holter Solutions

Let the Equipment Save Time for You!

Are you for accurate and automatic filtering of cardiovascular abnormalities and arrhythmias? Let Meditech CardioMera monitor holter and CardioVisions ecg software save time for you! Besides automatic and sophisticated event detection, there is the possibility to edit the ecg annotation manually.

Why Meditech ECG Monitor Holter System is different? CardioMera mini Holter

CardioMera and CardioVisions ecg monitor holter system have been designed with the busy medical professional in mind. Therefore the system supplies all information and filters ecg abnormalities automatically. In this way the monitor holter system supplies quick and accurate information to see whether cardiac abnormalities have any relationship with the pateint's complaints.

The automatic QRS detection of CardioVisions analysis software is extremely accurate, as the software is able to identify the central part of the ecg in nearly 100% of all cases.

However, if you want to discover the background of the automatic event detection, there is still the possibility to edit the results manually. You can freely create new annotation groups, delete or insert ecg beats. The 'run ecg' function or the 'ecg table' enables the quick overview of the ecg in the selected group.

In this way CardioMera and CardioVisions ecg monitor holter are suitable both for busy general practitioners and clinical researchers.

Save Time and Cost with Meditech Economical Solutions!

CardioMera with the CardioVisions ecg monitor holter system is extremely cost-effective for the following reasons:

5in1 Software Package
CardioVisions monitor holter software is available in 5in1 package. You can get 5 professional ecg analysis licences for the cost of 1.

Unlimited Users Without Additional Cost
Many manufacturers provides 1 software license to 1 PC, which causes inconvenience by having to share the PC with several users. Meditech makes difference by providing the monitor holter, the software and unlimited software installation at the same time.

Free Support
Meditech provides free and professional after sales support for the users worldwide.

Standard Memory Card
CardioMera monitor holter records ecg to a standard memory card, without favouring any specific memory card brand, so it is up to the User to decide what type and size to use.

Cost-effective ECG Patient Cables
CardioMera patient ecg cables are extremely durable. Should they ever happen to need any replace, you don't need to throw away the whole cable set. Unlike other manufacturers, Meditech provides easily and individually exchangeable ecg patient cables, which is a very cost-effective solution.