Meditech ECG Holter Monitor Advantages

More Features for Less Cost

Are you looking for a high quality holter monitor at reasonable price? CardioMera ecg holter makes the earliest recognition of cardiac abnormalities possible. The simple, reliable and economic Meditech holter monitor is available in 5in1 package, which means you can get the holter and the software with 5 professional ekg analysis options, included beat-by-beat ecg classification, interactive manual editing license, time and frequency domain HRV, QT dispersion and pacemaker functions.

CardioMera 24 holter offers solution for assessing cardiovascular risks such as reduced HRV, alterations in ST segment, long and short QT or QT dispersion. Such risk factors can be the indicators of cardiovascular abnormalities and their early detection is essential to prevent heart diseases, which are the leading cause of death globally. CardioMera ekg holter is the perfect and intelligent solution for detecting the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases early and for assesssing the effectiveness of medical treatment.

Why to Choose Meditech CardioMera 24 hour Holter Monitor with CardioVisions Software?

CardioMera 24 holter monitor gives information over and above conventional ecg measurement. CardioMera holter 24h offers unrivalled reliability in QRS detection as its CardioVisions ecg analysis software is able to identify the QRS complex, the central part of the ecg tracing, with an accuracy of nearly 100%. The QRS is the most important part in the ecg. The more accurate the ekg holter and the software is, the more time the medical professional can save.

As a modern holter ecg, CardioMera provides accurate heart rate calculation, automatic ecg beat and rhythm classification and a reliable ST, HRV and QT analysis. These features support automatic event detection and make ECG abnormalities clearly identifiable, which, as a result, can be life-saving as well.

As a leading PC-based 24 hour holter manufacturer, Meditech provides not only quality ecg holters at reasonable price, but it also offers quick delivery date, professional international support and a worldwide reference list.

Choosing Holter 24 Software

All 24 hour holter monitor devices are sold with an individual software package, which can clearly identify ecg beats and create different groups of them, on the basis of which the ecg analyzis can be made. Data are presented in a variety of ways, most often both in textual and graphical format.

In most cases the holter cardiac monitor software is sold independently, which means additional and high costs for the buyer. Unlike many manufacturers, Meditech offers CardioMera holter monitor with CardioVisions software in 5in1 package, which includes 5 professional ecg analysis license.

The 5in1 package contains:

  • full beat-by-beat ecg annotation with user-friendly and fast event detection
  • the possibility of manual alterations of the automatic ecg analysis
  • complex time and frequency domain HRV analysis
  • pacemaker functions
  • QT analysis

Additionally, as CardioVisions can fully be automated, it is suitable for busy general practices and, because of the possibility of the manual edition of automatic ecg annotation, the software is suitable for research purposes as well.

Meditech Holter ECG and 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor Supplier

Meditech is specialised in the development, manufacture and marketing of PC-based Holter ECG and 24 hour blood pressure monitors. The main strenght of the company is combining the flexibility and the innovativity of small enterprises with the professionalism of large, international market players.

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Meditech Ltd. is your expert and supportive Holter monitor manufacturer which is specialised in supplying quality and accurate Holters from the EU.

Meditech Ltd. is always looking for reliable holter monitor distributors for long-term. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.

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